Interview with Musical Family Tree!


There’s something exciting happening in the world of new music, and Indianapolis’ Forward Motion wants to be a part of it. Ahead of their performance at Musical Family Tree on Saturday, April 09, Musical Family Tree's Seth Johnson caught up with the group’s Eric Salazar for an interview.


SJ: It really seems that you're on a mission with Forward Motion. What all would you say you're trying to accomplish?

ES: I think at the end of the day, we’re trying to breathe life into this vibrant yet disjunct new music community here in Indy. Our ensemble feels that there is a dire cultural need here, one that we intend to help fill. We are going to show Indianapolis that this music we love, indie classical, new music, contemporary classical, whatever you want to call it — we are going to show Indy that it has a place in our culture. Forward Motion has pushed and will continue to push boundaries, in the name of growing this new music community. The only way we can build and grow an audience is if we get out and bring our music to the community. We are making ourselves vulnerable, uncomfortable even at times, because we truly care about bringing this music to the community.

We hope to unite artists and audiences into a cohesive community, to build a home from the ground up for this kind of music, and to give some freakin’ good, meaningful performances along the way.